Lavender essential oil for the treatment of burns

 Lavender essential oil for the treatment of burns

Ever since pancake day, my middle son (age 9) has been cooking us pancakes for breakfast each morning! What a treat, and a crucial part of the home schooling curriculum I’m sure! Anyway, it’s been lovely to see him take pride in his new hobby, and feed us all his delicious creations each morning. Yesterday though, he caught his wrist on the hot part of the frying pan. He immediately called out ‘ Mum!! I need the lavender oil!’ So as fast as I can currently waddle, I produced a bottle of lavender oil for him. I applied it neat to the area that had been burnt. His face which seconds before had been wrinkled in pain, relaxed instantly and he looked at me and said ‘wow’.

Wow indeed! Lavender treats burns better than anything else I have ever found. The pain is gone so rapidly, it’s almost hard to believe it was there just moments before. It also helps the skin to repair and heal too.

This wonderful benefit and property of lavender is rumoured to have been discovered by accident.

The year was 1910, and French chemist Rene-Maurice Cattefosse badly burnt his hands during an experiment. Both of his hands were covered with a rapidly developing gas gangrene. He treated this with lavender essential oil, which stopped the gasification of the tissue. Saving his hands, and quite possibly his life too.

The burn healed quickly and with very little scarring. This prompted Gattefosse to research much deeper into the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy, and apply his knowledge to help treat soldiers’ burns and exposure to gas gangrere during World War One. Potentially saving many amputations, and lives!

It was a powerful moment for Gattefosse, and a powerful moment for aromatherapy.

So next time you find yourself with a burn, remember your little bottle of lavender oil!

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