Essential Oils to Support the Transition Back to School

Essential oils to support the transition back to school

Many of our children are preparing to go back to school now (if they have not already done so!) It’s a time of heightened emotions, excitement to reconnect with friends and staff, but also anxiety will be prevalent for many. A change in routine and also the possibility of catching COVID after being ‘safe’ at home. Now I know that schools and staff are doing everything possible to ensure that schools are a clean and safe space – but I also know my youngest feels he is only safe at home now. So sad and confusing for them.

So how can we support our children through this transition, using essential oils?

For their emotional needs I would recommend doTERRA’s ‘kids collection’. This is an amazing set of oils, designed to help support children before new or different situations, and to encourage tranquility while reducing feelings of anxiousness. Perfect for this exact situation!

Each blend of oils, Is prepared in an easy to use roller-ball, blended with fractionated coconut oil so it can be used straight away without any prior preparation, even on delicate skin. You can also attach them to school bags/pencil cases with a key-fob type attachment too for handy access.

The kids collection contains 6 blends of oils, each aptly named so your child knows what to reach for in times of need. These are;

  • Thinker – A supportive blend
  • Calmer – A restful blend
  • Stronger – A protective blend
  • Rescuer – A Soothing blend
  • Steady – A grounding blend
  • Brave – A courage blend

Now another area that might need extra support/protection in the return to school, is in the battle of the headlice! Now I for one, will be seriously irritated if headlice have managed to survive lockdown and social distancing without being terminated!  I’m really hoping that this pandemic will have brought an end to school headlice.

But just in case this is me being terribly optimistic, here’s some essential oils you can add to your children’s shampoo to fight those little critters and keep them at bay!

  • Lavender
  • Tea tree
  • Eucalyptus (please do not use on children under the age of 2)
  • Rosemary

Wishing you all a happy and safe return, as we take the exciting steps back to ‘normal life’

Daisy xx

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