Lavender essential oil for the treatment of burns


 Lavender essential oil for the treatment of burns Ever since pancake day, my middle son (age 9) has been cooking us pancakes for breakfast each morning! What a treat, and a crucial part of the home schooling curriculum I’m sure! Anyway, it’s been lovely to see him take pride in his new hobby, and feed […]

Benefits of Goat’s Milk


Hello my lovely readers! I hope you have all had a good week and spirits have been somewhat lifted, thanks to the brighter weather and the ‘end in sight’ lockdown measures news! I have to confess I’ve been a little torn, about what to share with you today. And so I have decided to go […]

Autism, ADHD and Essential Oils


Autism, ADHD and Essential Oils This is a subject matter really close to my heart. And while there is no ‘cure’ for autism or ADHD, there are natural ways we can support some of the daily challenges faced for people on the spectrum. For the purpose’s of this post, I will be referring to support […]

dilute essential oils

How to Dilute Essential Oils

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How to dilute essential oils? This is a question I get asked a LOT. So I thought it was about time I answered it in a blog post. Firstly, what should you dilute essential oils with? Often referred to as a ‘carrier oil’ this is a natural and plant based oil. PLEASE PLEASE do not […]

Essential Oils – Motivation in a Bottle


The new year is here, and with that comes it’s wave of resolutions and goal setting. That’s the easy bit, right? Actually, following through with them regularly and consistently is the hard part. In a nutshell, the challenge is keeping the motivation going through the coldest and most miserable month of the year. But the […]

It’s a Tough Time for Therapists


Are you a Therapist? We can show you how to THRIVE DURING LOCKDOWN and BEYOND! Lockdown has wreaked havoc on businesses large and small. In addition, widespread disruption with our health services is having a considerable impact on peoples physical and mental health. These are unusual times, and it is wise to reassess your position […]

Is my essential oil really pure?

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Hello and Happy New Year to you all! In the Hart house, we’ve kick started the new year with a MASSIVE home declutter and clear out. Amazingly, we’ve managed to rid ourselves of about 70% of our stuff, that we really didn’t need. Or rather, the extra space was far more valuable to us than […]